A Collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

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Our Story

Josh and Michelle Beller came together over 12 years ago to start a business out of love and passion for the photographic wedding world.

Josh and Michelle met at a house party in Pacific Beach, San Diego in 1997. It was Michelle’s sister’s house to be exact and not only did she introduce them, but she made them photograph it as well.  The irony of that situation is not lost on them as they keep it as the base of their relationship today.

By 2000 both Josh and Michelle had departed for higher education; Josh to Loyola Marymount to study TV & Film and Michelle to Brooks Institute of Photography to study commercial photography and portraiture.

Finally, in early 2005, Josh and Michelle were re-introduced yet again by Michelle’s sister. Only this time their intention was to start a photography company. In April of that year (Mi)chelle Ferry and Josh (Belle)r opened Mi Belle, Inc. which focused primarily on weddings. In their first year they completed 80 events and were excited for more! They re-adjusted their business plan, brought on a few associates and headed out for more.  

Josh and Michelle were married in 2009 in Los Angeles. Their first son, Weston, arrived exactly 9 months later. Their second son, Izzy, soon followed in March 2011.

Since then they have photographed, curated, designed, edited and color corrected over 800 weddings and events. They have photographed hundreds of amazing families and countless babies, children, laughter and memories. They love what they do today as much as they did back in March of 2005.

Today their team consists of many people who are not only part of their photographic family, but also their core family. Maria, Anna, Andrea and Katie have been a part of this collective for a long time. Their individual families, loved ones, and even their fur babies are part of the daily culture. They appreciate the family values that both a personal family and a business family bring.

Josh is the lead photographer at Mi Belle. He takes a limited number of weddings a year so he can run the business and provide exceptional customer service to our new and current couples. He also very diligently processes and designs every single custom wedding album ordered. Josh is the point person when booking Mi Belle for your wedding.

Michelle is the creative director and curator of Mi Belle. She takes great pride in making sure every image is up to the standard of quality Mi Belle has always provided. She works hand in hand with wedding blogs and magazines, making sure the publications featuring our work are getting the perfect pictures. Michelle has been photographing weddings for over 15 years. She now photographs fine art weddings under her own brand at